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"Ryuugasaki"Airfield in japan summer of 1995.

1st.RedBaron Airshow was carried out in "Hokkaido" and "Kanto" of Japan in spring and summer of 1995, in commemoration of End of The PacificWar 50th.Anniversary.

This Airshow is Produced by RedBaron Japan.

Zero-52 P-51D Pilots and upgrading are supported by Planes of Fame Museum & Fighter Rebuilders Co. in Chino,California,USA. In this show audiences over estimate 100,000 persons enjoyed.

Friendship flight with Zero-52 and P-51D!
Pilot: Zero-52= Steven Hinton.
        P-51D = Kevin Eldridge.

Attraction flight Pitts S-2A!
Famous Japanese aviator "Takehisa Ueno".

RedBaron Japan says that 2nd.RedBaron Airshow is held in fall of this year. I am going to introduce if detailed information is obtained.
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