December 7.1996

From Curator....

This is my soliloquy.

I can write English a little. However, I want to write thank for you.

I received many e-mail. 80% is U.S. Canada, 10% Japan, a remainder are Asia or other areas. All are a kindness mail except for few exception.

From those kindness sentences I am not able to distinguish a nationality and race sex all. Transmission places are understood only after mail address is seen. Namely, the inside of a human is not able to distinguish. It is even from our hostile country and the persons who were invaded.

Thinking that everybody live to be a good human. However, a human is powerless alone. It is a creature that lives gregariously. Therefore it is important to defend their group to a human.

I think that all people who defend their group desperately to be admire.

Even if you are a person who dropped an atomic bomb to Hiroshima actually, I do not blame you.

I believe that you did it sincerely for your country.
You are a good soldier and a good person.

Similarly, I believe each commander or soldier of Imperial Japanese Navy who joined pearl harbor attack did it sincerely for their country.

I am a Japanese.
I am a human.
I am not represent japan.
But I telling only a person who are reading this now.

Both of they were good youngsters.
I am believing so.

Unfortunately, many good youngsters and people of Asia were lost.

This is not able to speak thoroughly.

Because it is not able to speak thoroughly this is a soliloquy .

This comment disappear soon.

Produced by k.kato (C) 1996