Action in Silence
I don't want militarisation in my life

Action in Silence committee and FAAB are proud to announce the inauguration exhibition.
This exhibition focuses on the gender conscious antimilitarism movement in the post-9.11 Japan.
The exhibition consists of document photographs, pamphlets, fliers, posters, clothing and other items used for protest activities which are installed in chronological order. Video documentation, interviews and performances (see the special events) will be also shown.

In the past, male oriented anti-war movement focused on national and international politics and organising mass demonstrations in which everyone shouted the same slogans. Women's role in this movement seemed to be largely limited to that of the anonymous participants or that of the "peace loving mother" .
But recently, there is different, more gender conscious anti-militarism movement. For example, Kyoto Joshi-demo started a demonstration organised by girls in which they express their concern about effects of militarism in their daily lives. Women in Black stand at street corners in silence. Their silence is stark contrast to the usual slogan shouting and issue debating.
Great Japan Anti-War Women in Black League is a parody of Great Japan Women's
National Defence League during the Second World War. It questions the women's role in the war and violence and at the same time provoke the memories of victimisation of women and children in Japan during the war.
These are done mainly by women, but they all welcome participation of either sexes.

The war is over, but all is not well.
The reality seems that violence is the ultimate solution.
We hope through art and this exhibition we can continue to express our
unwillingness to submit ourselves to violence.

Action in Silence committee

Thanks to: Women in Black Tokyo(and elsewhere), Kyoto Joshi demo.

Exhibition information:
Date: May 31 - June 7
Time: 12:00 - 19:00
Opening party: May 31, 19:00-
Place: Pa/F Space
Shinjuku-ku Baba-shitacho, 18, Phoenix building 3F
Across the street from "Ana Hachi-man" shrine, opposite to Waseda U. literature dept.
2 min. from subway Tozai line "Waseda" station

Event schedule:
June 1 "We don't want militarism in our lives"
admission 800 yen
discussion with Motoyama Hisako(Women in Black Tokyo), Mizushima Nozomi(Kyoto Joshi demo), Shimada Yoshiko(FAAB)

June 7 "Big Head" -video showing and talk with Denise Uyehara from LA.
19:00 - 21:00
admission 1,000 yen
4th generation Japanese (Okinawan)-American artist, Denise Uyehara will show a video of her new work about attack on Arab Americans during Iraqi
war. Discussion follows.

June 8 Performances
admission 2,000 yen
"Tears" by Ono Nonko
"Insane Body" by Ito Tari
Action in Silence