Great Japan Anti-War Women in Black Organization

Bones buried under your feet

Do you know what happened in Tokyo on March 10th 1945?

The US force air raided Tokyo, dropping over 2,000 tons of explosives, killing over 100,000 people in 2 and a half hours, most of them civilians including many women and children.
58 years later, the US is going to do the same to the people in Bagdad.

Can you say
"Those Japanese were fascists and deserved to be killed."
"As the US helped rebuilding Japan after the war, those sacrifice was inevitable."
Can you say that to the small children's bones under your feet?

Killing civilians in the name of Justice, Democracy, or God is unacceptable.

Haven't we learned anything from our nation's past?
Do we let others suffer the same fate?
Please express your objection to the Us military action against Iraq.

Great Japan Anti-War Women in Black Organization
During the Pacific war, all Japanese women over 16 were mobilised to join Great Japan Women's Defence Organization. They wore uniform of white apron, a symbol of motherhood and participated in support of the military regime.
We, the Great Japan Anti-War Women in Black Organization will not repeat our forerunners' mistakes.
We will not be victims
We will not be obedient
We will not be exploited

NEXT Standing WILL BE ON MARCH 21 (FRI.) FROM 19:00 TO 20:00 in the south side of Shinjuku station (in front of Tower Record).

By the way, you don't have to be a biological female to join us. Those who thinks oneself as women, girl, female, queen, bitch, etc., can clad in black apron and join.

Yoshiko Shimada