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Photo by "Ken Keller ."

I received an e-mail from Planes of Fame Museum & Fighter Rebuilders Co. in Chino,California,USA.which says Zero-22 restoration are under way. It is for the Santa Monica Museum of Flying.This plane was built in Russia and is about 85 - 90% new material. It did come with an original Sakae engine, however it will be flown with an American R-1830. She said that this Zero-22 come in Japan and said if she knows details e-mail it to me.

After that...
An e-mail came from Santa Monica Museum of Flying. It is said that their airframe restoration is completed. And they expect their Zero to be flying by April 1997!. Photo by Callihan, Phil.

Situation Report
in April 97'......

The airframe is complete but the engine is still not mounted. Work should begin again on this soon now that their 40th anniversary event has passed.

Jun .....

The plane was still in the paint shop where it has been for several weeks.

Jun 26.....

Zero22 is in green camo. One of guys in the shop is currently working on the engine mount and cowling to facilitate the installation of a Pratt and Whitney 1830 engine.

Nov 7.....

The Model 22 Zero is almost done. It is back from the paint shop. The engine (R-1830) is mounted and the cowling is being worked on.

Nov 10.....

Here are a couple of the pictures of the Zero and the "Sakae" radial engine that was on the plane when it arrived. Appearantly, there were wooden parts on the engine - so it looks real, but is not airworthy. These phtographs below by "Ken Keller ."

k.kato.....I found a Painting mistake in this Potograph.

Dec. 18.....

The engine is mounted and the plane has been taxied! They are just waiting for the paperwork to be completed so additional taxi tests and flight tests can be completed.

Mar. 31 1998.....

This was taken on March 7th at their "Celebration In The Sky" event. It hasn't flown yet.

Photo by "Ken Keller ."

Apr. 28 1998.....

Zero-22 Fly !!

I wanted to let you know that the A6M3 Zero being restored for Santa Monica Museum of Flying has been flown! Steve Hinton has conducted several test flights - all reports are good. I will send pictures of the completed aircraft very soon.

Cindy Keller

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