A6M3,a Type_ZERO Carrier-born Fighter Model-22
(Manufactured by Mitsubishi)
Last modify Jan.19/1996

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Early 1943 model_32 wings were replaced to the same things as model_21 and this become a model_22. Dive restriction speed reduced to 340kt same as model_21. However, this improvement was received to pilots almost favorably. A number of "A6M3" is same 22/32 alike. So,In japan,Zero is distinguished with model number.

First of all model_22 were stationed to aircraft carrier and ground based fighter group in The South Pacific area. It was unreasonable in model_32 from a battlefield of rabaul to over 1,000km distant due to fights in "Gadalkanal", after summer of 1942, especially.

Eerly summer of 1943 Japanese Navy change their aircraft upper surface color to dark black green. So,navy aircraft was repainted. This model_22 was "ame iro"but over painted with dark black green.

Also, 20mm machine guns improved first-speed to 750m/s from 600m/s. A type of this new-style gun ,Type-99mark-2model-3,was long body. Equipped this gun is A6M3a model_22"koh".

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