Some Information for more Accurate Restoration.

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---- k.kato ----

Wednesday, 17-Apr-2002 10:34:25 JST

At first,I shoud say that It's a very Good Restoreration and a Great Effort.

Unfortunatery the orignal "Sakae"-engine is not good for Flight and R-1830 was mounted. So this cowling is larger than the orignal. But the other airframe and painting of innerside color is accurate.

I point out a bit below....

  1. An outer painting mistake.
  2. And informayion of orignal color.

Zero-22 produced by only Mitsubish_Aircraft. And all `Made in Mitsubish Zeros` were painted like below. Defference between Mitsubish and Nakajima's is Dark Green line of Zero's tail body.

Defference between Mitsubish and Nakajima's
Dark Green Zero-22 painting is like below.

"Ameiro"-Dark Green.

Gray-Dark Green.


Mitsubish Zero-22 :A6M3

Thus it's Mistake is ....

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