A6M2a Type_ZERO Carrier-born Fighter Model-11

This Picture is colored a black-and-white photograph.
This model was changed it's engine from prototype"zuisei-13(875hp)" to "sakae-12(940hp)". And small reconstruction associated with it was carried out. A6M2a is the first official adoption "Zeke" ,7/1939.

The first air battle was the fall in this year. Also 10+ of zero shot down all of 27 enemy planes. There was not the damage of a zero.

Several number of the most early A6M2a:Model_11 were painted with two color,gray and "Ame iro"=caramel color. Navy aircraft for carrier is damaged by sea air,so Jpanese Navy used to varnish their aircrafts. The varnished color,given the final coating of paint which was brownish gross tone,is the "Ame iro". "Shigeru Nohara says the "Ame iro" is FS.No-24201.

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