A6M2b Type_ZERO Carrier-born Fighter Model-21
(Manufactured by Mitsubishi)

Improvement from model_11 was starboard wing. Even this model was manufactured about 500 before pearl harbor attack. This fighter conquered from the vast Pacific to the Indian Ocean. The long range reaches to 3300 km enabled it.

Most of A6M2b:Model_21 were painted with "Ame iro". Someone asserts all of This model was "Ame iro". But I think it is not the true,because I have seen gray colored this model in a color TV-program. And that color is very approaching to a color like my drawing you can see the next below.

This is the most famous regular painting of "ZERO-Fighter". The famous Movie "TraTraTra!"or many other's. But I suggest you that the coloring is too light! The true color is darker than such a"Movie color". "Shigeru Nohara" says that FS-NO.36307 is the exact color.

A6M2b Type_ZERO Carrier-born Fighter Model-21
(Manufactured by Nakajima)

Nakajima aircraft manufactured A6M2b:Model_21 from spring of 1942 to Feb1944. For distinguish nakajima from Mitsubish white ring was added in it's body "hinomaru". Wings were not added.

"Ame iro" and gray painting were easy to discriminate by the enemy especialy on the ground. So Japanese navy changes ZEKE's coloring to dark black green spray painting ,late 1942. And orenge yellow lines,identification band, were drawn it's front lines of wings.

In the early summer of 1943,all of japanese navy aircraft was painted with dark black green. The color is slightly darker than FS.No-34092.

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