A6M5,a,b,c Type_ZERO Carrier-born Fighter Model-52
(Manufactured by Mitsubishi)

In 1943 august, Zero-model_52 became official adoption. Reducing a wing 50cm each it processed roundly simultaneously. An exhaust pipe is made a rocket style, an independent thing. Making an outside board thick of a wing 360kt dive restriction speed are made.Abolishing an engine part an automatic fire fighting device was attached to a wing part.

This figure is at the time of factory completion. Like a battle corps of the south pacific in the next figure propellers dark brown were applied. Also it did so as not to be conspicuous and paint the white circle of rising-sun flag.

Model_52 were manufactured a lot in a zero. There are 4 kinds of model_52. Each are caused by a difference of armaments mainly.
A6M5a:model_52"koh"....1944 Feb.
Change 20mm gun to Type99mark2model4.
Up to 400kt dive restriction speed.
A6M5b:model_52"otsu"....1944 Jun.
Change body right side 7.7mm gun to 12.7mm gun.
Bulletproof glass is fixed to the front. An automatic fire fighting device is equipped to the body tank.
A6M5c:model_52"hei"....1944 oct.
13mm guns are added in 20mm guns outside of wings. Body of 7. 7mm gun abolition.
Proof against bullets steel board addition in a cockpit seat back.
4 bomb emission installation for enemy bomber in the air to under wings or 4 rocket installation possibility.

A6M5,a,b,c Type_ZERO Carrier-born Fighter
(Manufactured by Nakajima)
Feb 1944,Nakajima aircraft industory stops manufacturing model_21 and started model_52.

Pay attention to that green and gray boundary line differ, in order to Mitsubishi and Nakajima are distinguished. Also, green appreciably darker than Mitsubishi and cowling is deep-black.

Produced by k.kato (C) 1996